Common Issues Logging in or Signing up
When you sign up for bridge21, you can sign up with an email and a password, or you can sign up using Facebook.

When you return to send money again, you must sign in the same way as when you signed up. 

Otherwise, the site will treat you as a new customer, and because you already have an account, this will not work.

  • If you don't remember how you signed up, chat with us and we can help you.

  • If you signed up with email, but don't remember your password, click the "Don't remember your password?" link when you log in to reset your password.

If it's been a long time since you've signed in, sometimes Facebook logins stop working for very old accounts. Please open a chat support with us and we can fix these sorts of issues.

Less Common Issues Logging in or Signing up
Sometimes, the website will send you back to the homepage after you log in. This can be frustrating, and feels like the website isn't working. Chances are that it's not the website at all.

This issue is almost always caused by one of two issues:

1) Using a work internet connection to sign up or log in.

Business internet connections often have restrictive firewalls that interfere with security checks.

To fix this problem, try logging in from a different internet connection, like your home internet, or by using your mobile phone.

2) Add-ons or extensions in your browser that block ads or scripts, or using an old browser version.

Simply disable these add-ons, or try a different internet browser and the issue may be resolved.

If you are still having trouble, please open a chat support and we can trouble shoot the problem for you.

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