Verification of ID can take from seconds to several days. We now accept ID from countries other than the US, although verification may take extra time. ID's are listed from easiest to most difficult to verify below.

We generally accept the following forms of photo ID:

  • US state-issued IDs such as a Driver's License or ID Card

  • US Passport

  • US issued VISA

  • Mexican MatrĂ­cula Consular

  • Mexican INE Voter card

  • Mexican Passport

  • Mexican Driver's License

  • Passport or National ID from other countries

For the fastest possible ID verification, please ensure the following:

  1. The name on the photo ID matches the name on your account.

  2. The ID is not expired.

  3. All four corners of the ID are fully visible in the photo, with no edges obscured.

  4. The image of the ID is in color and all text is clearly visible without glare.

  5. The name, address, picture or other pertinent information on the ID is readable and not blacked out.

We may not be able to verify the ID otherwise.

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