We’re going to show you how easy it is to send money with bridge21.

First you sign in with Facebook, or an email and password if you prefer.

Next, you choose the amount you wish to send or the person in Mexico should receive. The math is done for you.

Then, you simply enter the name of your recipient, and their Mexican bank account number. That’s all we need to send money to any bank in Mexico.

Link your bank account by securely logging in online. We support almost all banks and credit unions in the United States. Enter your phone number in case your bank has security questions and you can continue to sign up while verification is underway.

Your login information is never visible to us and we do not store it. Our advanced technology lets you login to your bank directly and securely from our service, proving that you own the account.

Then, you enter your billing address, some personal information so we may verify your identity, and a US government-issued ID.

bridge21 needs to verify the identity of all of our customers, but this information is only required once. Future transactions are much faster and process in seconds.

Finally, you confirm your transaction, and you are done.

We’ve just used Bitcoin to move money from a US to Mexican bank account.

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