bridge21 Business Payment Advantages supports business payments to Mexico. We can make one-time payments to your suppliers, vendors, and contractors, or we can make mass-payments to many recipients. We can pay money into any bank account in Mexico using the account's CLABE number, and all we need to verify the identity of your recipient is their name (which we match to the bank account using the SPEI network in Mexico). pays your recipient using the domestic bank system in Mexico (SPEI), where competing services send international wires from another country. SPEI payments in Mexico are free for your recipient, and settle in a few minutes.

Our competitors typically use international wires, which cost more to send, and take several days to settle. The recipient is charged a fee by their bank (averaging 15 USD) for receiving the wire as well. avoids all of this cost, delay, and hassle for you and your recipients, on top of offering historically better exchange rates and fees.

We have a robust API that you can integrate with so you can add's payout options directly into your own systems, with limited free integration support. Our payment system and API have been used for years to move millions of USD to Mexico without going down.


We offer some of the most competitive pricing in the industry. Our total cost is usually 10 to 20 basis points better than our closest competitors. This is because we charge a low 1% fee and offer excellent exchange rates.

Business Registration & Account Tiers

First, open a chat support session with us from Our chat is encrypted and secure. You may also email us at [email protected].

Please see the table below for the requirements, capabilities, and pricing for each type of business account we offer.

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